Happy New Season!

Though most of us connect the approaching New Year with Dec. 31 and Jan.1, here at Godfrey’s, preparations are well underway for our ‘new year’ and new season, to begin on Sept. 2.  During the few weeks while Godfrey’s is quiet, we’re also getting outdoors to enjoy some of the fine music that summertime has to offer, such as the Levitt Pavilion, Musikfest, and the 55th anniversary of the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

We reached our 40th anniversary in 2016, and in our 41st season we’ll continue to present some of your favorite Godfrey Daniels veteran artists.  Highlights on the schedule now are Solas, stopping by for two shows on October 8 and 9; Tom Paxton & John McCutcheon at Foy Hall on October 28 for our official 40th Celebration; and Robin & Linda Williams on November 5.  These and other veteran artists have grown exponentially in their music careers, and we are deeply honored that they are paying tribute to Godfrey’s and returning to share their unique magic with our audience again.

The Irish super-group Solas is celebrating 20 years with a new album, and including Godfrey’s in their year-long ALL THESE YEARS tour!  The band’s history at Godfrey Daniels includes only two stops in 1996 and 1997 as they began their incredibly successful music career.  This is a rare opportunity to experience their wonder in our intimate room.

Yes it’s true, folk music legends Tom Paxton and John McCutcheon will perform for our 40th Anniversary Celebration at Foy Hall. Tom and John’s duo tour would not be complete without a preeminent performance for our Godfrey’s audience, together celebrating our rich shared histories.

In a career spanning over 40 years, Robin & Linda Williams got their start on the then-new Prairie Home Companion in 1975.   Their most recent studio album “Back 40” features fresh treatments of their early classics, many from albums long out of print, and favorites by other writers.

Visit our web site http://www.GodfreyDaniels.org for more information about these and more fine concerts coming up in just a few short months.

With endless gratitude to our Artists, Supporting Members, Volunteer team, and our Audience, without whom 40 years of history and the best in live music on Bethlehem’s SouthSide simply would not be possible.

Congratulations to Dave Fry

by Dina Hall

The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Awards were held on Sunday, March 6, in the Musikfest Cafe at Steelstacks, right down the street here in Bethlehem, Pa. Among numerous accolades, Dave Fry was acknowledged by the GLVMA board of directors for his rich life in the music that has enriched the quality of life in this region. We’re all super proud of Dave, of course, and we hope the sweetest years are still ahead. Here’s Dave’s acceptance speech. Try to imagine his voice reciting it aloud.


I love it when someone asks, “Dave Fry, what do you do?” I play music. I play music. It really is quite that simple. And the real emphasis is on the word ‘play’. In my work as a Teaching Artist, it is in the act of play that kids (and adults) experience the richness of learning and growing in our environment. In play, a vast world opens up our minds and souls to creativity, risk taking, interpersonal connections, and, most amazingly, time disappears. It was my songwriter friend Bob Franke who once wrote “Let your dreams bind your work to your play.” I continue to realize how precious these musical moments are.

When we play music, we are creating ripples in time, many of which we’ll never get a chance to re-experience. We play the gig, the music dies out and we pack up and leave, hopefully with some cash. Being at that epicenter, a musician is left with mere echoes on the ride home. But, part of this Lifetime Achievement, I get to have some of that reflected back to me, folks telling me how their families, now grandparents, parents with their own kids singing in the car to my music, creating family connections. This is powerful stuff, playing my music.

I have innumerable thanks to my many band mates, Godfreys performers and supporters, radio listeners, Touchstone Theater, and the parents who have shared their kids’ energy with me. I have relished all these many relationships and have learned from them all, made me a better artist. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Wrapping this speech up, I’ll share one of those ripples.

Once, after Musikfest had closed down for the night, I was walking by myself along a deserted path below Moravian when three Goth teens approached out of the darkness, dressed in chains, spikes, long black cloaks. I felt a little trepidation and curiosity, but as our paths intersected they stopped and broke into “I like Peanut Butter, Creamy Peanut Butter, woo!”…… deep connections.

Thank you for this honor, and ask that you continue to play music., I love you all for giving me the opportunity to do so as well. Come see me perform, buy my CDs, FaceBook me, read my gig blogs on my web site, go to Godfreys, listen to my radio shows, because I’m finally getting good at playing music, especially the ‘play’ part.

A Night I Won’t Forget – Chip Taylor

by Dave Fry

One of the subtle joys of presenting so many great people on Godfrey’s stage is the respect the club gets from first-time performers. Many acknowledge that respect with the audience during the show, some mention it downstairs in the green room or to our techs during the sound check. Some blog about it (Chip Taylor’s follows…) and some pass it on out on the larger folk circuit (John Gorka sings about it at every show). Some even say they can feel the aura of past legendary performers in the walls (and, no, it’s not the brown paint). There is something special about this room (and our audience and artists), from the touring pros to our open mikers; they sense it on a visceral level and it’s really nice to hear about this magic from the folks playing our venue for the first time.

chip taylor

The following is taken directly from Chip Taylor’s Road Journal.


This was as bad a traffic day as I can remember. John Platania started in the Woodstock area at noon .. it was after 3:30PM (an hour later than expected) when he picked me up in New York City for our drive to Bethlehem. The drive from NY to Bethlehem would normally take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Today it took over 3:00 hours.

We got there 40 minutes from show time.. in time to say hello to the kind host Ramona, get a feel of the total living room atmosphere of the venue and sound check with our new friend & fan, Lou. Great job Lou!

It’s a one-of-a-kind sound system, with the monitors overhead and recessed 5 feet or so from the stage .. they sort of become part of the stage as well. But John & I liked the sound Lou was giving us right away. And that short sound check enabled John & I to get a quick bite to eat before hitting the stage at 8:00 where a friendly and warm group of kind folks awaited us.

John Platania is revered in this area. He was brilliant again tonight! These songs don’t have a planned direction … they go wherever the spirit of John & I take them … and this show was as inspired in that manner as ever. Great John!

We started again with The Yonkers Story. And as I told the story about growing up with my brothers in our little bedroom with the Motorola radio in the hallway, somehow I felt more back there than ever. Read more about the show…

One of the major stars of the show tonight was Godfrey Daniels … the club itself. And the way it embraces all stuff real. Like it did tonight with the heroes of this night … Phil Sinclair, a record store owner in Belfast back in the 70s and his music loving friends.. who would not stand for anything but THE REAL THING and kindness and understanding for those on opposite sides of the political fence back then … and legendary and loved DJ from northern Ireland, Gerry Anderson, who, during that same period of time met the challenges of “the troubles” by doing something about it … changing the name of Londonderry or Derry (depending on the side of the fence you were on) to STROKE CITY. Again, helping folks on both sides of the issue to drop their swords.

Few clubs have the silent power to host those type issues … Godfrey Daniels has no choice … it IS that place. From the minute Fred Boenig stepped on stage to introduce us, Fred, known to some as heroic local DJ “Chance Austin”, who had one son killed and three others currently fighting in Afghanistan … was fresh back from Washington challenging issues of our “boots on the ground” platforms … looking and demanding wider support from countries close to the conflicts – I knew where this show was heading.

This show was all about passion … the passion of music and the courage to speak true words from a deeper place! from those who fought with the passion of true rock & roll to bring down the white controlled radio frontier of the 40s and 50s.. to those like my Dad … a humble golf pro who led the charge to strike down the PGA’s Caucasian clause and allow folks of color to become PGA members and play in events sponsored by the PGA.


Hi Ramona … great to be here! … thanks for inviting us. So nice to hear you and your husband’s connection to “7 Days..” I’ll remember that for next time … and volunteers Jack & Lou … thanks for all you do & the kind words … from LAST CHANCE forward … great meeting you! And Lou … perfect sound! … THANKS FOR THAT! … and thanks Todd … hope to see you all again.

This was a special one … hope to do it again before too long.

Read more about Chip Taylor and other Train Wreck Records artists.

Member Appreciation Concert and Party a Huge Success

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwritten by Ramona LaBarre – photos by Carol J. Gilmore

One upscale venue, two extraordinary singer/songwriters, three-plus fabulous decades of the best in live music performances, all spelled “Go!” to a grand evening for Godfrey Daniels’ 39th Anniversary celebration. In spite of an early Spring snowstorm, about 150 were present for the annual Membership party at Moravian College’s Foy Hall on Friday evening, March 20.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Godfrey Daniels opened the doors on the first day of Spring, 1976, and each year in March, the date is marked with a special concert. A few years back, the “Birthday Bash” evolved into a free concert event for our supporting members, and new members are added and welcomed each year. 2015 being the year that marks 39 (and definitely holding), our 40th Anniversary Committee ventured out and organized a grand kick-off to our 40th Anniversary Year, which will culminate, naturally, with our 40th anniversary celebration in March 2016 – stay tuned!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Featured artists this year are two singer/songwriters who have graced our stage several times individually for the last two decades. Vance Gilbert first appeared in June 1995 and has performed for us a dozen times since. Ellis Paul debuted on our stage in June 1999, and comes in with eleven prior Godfrey Daniels shows. Ellis and Vance have a very close friendship, spanning well over a decade, and released an album together in 2003 called Side Of The Road. Yes, they toured together in support of that album; however the size of our small and intimate room prevented Godfrey’s from being one of their stops. Flash forward twelve years, add some star alignment, and the golden opportunity presents for a fantastic duo concert, part of a uniquely special affair. Both Vance and Ellis made some new friends and fans on Friday, and that’s what presenting artists is all about. Pure magic ensued for the evening, as the two traded songs, tales, jokes and histories in a living room setting on Foy Hall’s prominent stage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore the music started at 8pm, with an opening set by our guest Emcee Dave Fry, a reception was held in the Payne Gallery, where small bites were offered by Back Door Bakeshop, Wegman’s, and The Twisted Olive. Two Berks County music venues participated as well, with beer and wine tastings by The Other Farm Brewery and Pinnacle Ridge Winery. Godfrey’s kicked off our annual Martin Guitar raffle, and some beautiful art pieces and other fun items were displayed for a raffle and silent auction (have a look at these gifts on our previous blog) fund-raiser. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The event was a huge success, facing as we did a snowstorm on the first day of Spring – and our gratitude is endless. Thanks to our supporting membership, whose dollars add up to nearly 25% of our operating budget. It is truly enlightening and encouraging to have such a large group of like-minded supporters all together celebrating in one room, and we delight in having an annual gathering where the focus is on giving back to You.

Thank you to our Sponsors: C.F. Martin, Inc.; Bollinger Insurance Agency; The Compact Disc Center; Working Dog Press; WDIY 88.1FM; Moravian College Dept. of Music; Landhaven Bed & Breakfast; Jack Murray Design. Thanks to the enduring energies of our fine volunteer staff – the 40th Anniversary Committee: Dina Hall, Mary Radakovits, Andy Bollinger, Gail Lehman, Kiera Wilhelm and Bernie Toseland; and to those dedicated folks who braved the snow to make sure our plans stayed on track: Steve & Brenda Bomgardner, Todd Dietrich, Michael Duck, Rosalie Fry & Cory Schultz, Carol Gilmore & Rachel Luce, John Hufford, Viola Krouse, Bessie Reese, Cyndi Reichard, Bill Schachter, and Sam Steffen. It all adds up to a most memorable occasion, which came out of dedication, donations, gifts, hard work and love. Gratitude. Reciprocal. Onward to 40!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThank you to our raffle and auction Donors: McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub Donegal Square Back Door Bakeshop Molinari’s Jenny’s Kuali Dave’s Deli Hairapy By Linda Cleo’s Silversmith and Gallery Foo Foo Shop Compact Disc Center Friends of Liberty TheatreOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bollinger Glass Design Touchstone Theatre Southside Film Festival Artsquest The Lesson Center Hawk Music Center Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs Landhaven Bed & Breakfast Red House Records Signature Sounds Muses in the Vineyard The Studio at Biery’s Bridge Tallarico’s Chocolates Nawab Deanna Nagle Wendy Ellsworth Annie Giancarlo Debra Slahta Carol J. Gilmore Brian Toseland Glass Artist Fox Optical Brenda Brown Dina Hall Judi Space Andy Bollinger Godfrey Daniels Board of Directors and Anniversary Committee

Preview the Auction and Raffle Items

Godfrey Daniels 39th Anniversary Member Concert is Fri. Mar. 20, 2015 Along with the concert, the evening will include raffle items, silent auction, and complimentary sweet and savory snacks. Beverages will also be available. We’ll be kicking off our Annual Martin Guitar Raffle, as well! Doors open at 6:30; show time is 8pm, so get there early to enjoy all that we have to offer!

Auction/Raffle Items List Raffle Tickets: 1 for $5 – 5 for $20 RAFFLE PACKAGES

  1. Musical Miscellany ($52 value) Whimsical musical items from the Foo-Foo Shop, and a $25 gift certificate to Hawk Music
  1. South Side Night Out #1 ($100 value) Two tickets to Touchstone Theatre, $25 gift certificate to Molinari’s Italian restaurant, and a gift certificate for a 1-lb. box of chocolates from Tallarico’s ($25)
  1. South Side Night Out #2 ($150 value) Two tickets to Musikfest Café, a $25 gift certificate to Jenny’s Kuali Malaysian Cuisine and a $25 gift certificate for a 1-lb. box of Tallarico’s chocolates
  1. 3rd Street Treats A $25 gift card to Cleo’s Silversmith Studio and Gallery, a $25 gift certificate for a 1-lb. box of chocolates from Tallarico’s, and a gift certificate to Molly’s Irish Grille
  1. Celtic Treat ($100 value) A collection of Celtic CDs from Donegal Square and a $30 gift certificate to the Red Stag Pub
  1. Dinner and a Movie(s) Two weekend passes to the SouthSide Film Festival (June 9-13, 2015) and a $25 gifts certificate to Nawab Indian Cuisine
  1. Play Ball! Iron Pigs Baseball for Four ($65 value) A four-pack of tickets, autographed baseball, and two Iron Pigs blankets
  1. Signature Sounds 10-CD Great Hits Set ($100 value) Ten favorite CDs from the Northampton, MA independent record label
  1. Red House Records 14-CD Acoustic Great Hits Set ($280 value) Three available! Includes autographed CDs from Pieta Brown, Butch Thompson & Pat Donohue, Drew Nelson, Carrie Elkin, Robin & Linda Williams, and The Wailin’ Jennys


  1. Land Haven Bed & Breakfast – One Night’s Stay for Two with Breakfast ($145 value)
  1. Wendy Ellsworth Original Bead and Swarovsky Crystal Bracelet ($150 value)
  1. Yellow/Green Artist-Made Glass Serving Dish ($135 value) Courtesy of The Studio at Biery’s Bridge
  1. Blue/Orange Artist-Made Glass Serving Dish ($125 value) Courtesy of The Studio at Biery’s Bridge
  1. Handcrafted Velour Hat by Annie Giancarlo ($45 value)
  1. Handblown Glass Vase ($150 value) Courtesy of Bernie Toseland
  1. Backdoor Bakeshop $25 Gift Certificate, T-shirt, and Mug ($50 value)
  1. “Ethereal Wooded Pathway”, (2013) 8”x10” Original Framed Photographic Print by Carol J. Gilmore ($95 value)
  1. Set of Four Handblown Glass Tumblers (Multi) by Hence Bollinger ($100 value) Two sets available!
  1. Wheel-Thrown Decorative Ceramic Raku Bottle by Deb Slahta ($125 value)
  1. Gift Card to The Lesson Center ($120 value)
  1. Private Yoga Lesson at The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem ($75 value)
  1. Two Tickets to Aida on 4/23 at Liberty High School Theatre ($20 value)
  1. Gift Certificate to The Compact Disc Center in Bethlehem ($50 value) Two available!
  1. Salon Certificate to Hairapy by Linda in Bethlehem ($50 value)
  1. Lunch for Two at Dave’s Deli in Bethlehem Two available!
  1. Two Weekend Passes to Muses in the Vineyard Women’s Music Festival ($90 value) May 16 & 17, 2015



  1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses and a $100 Gift Certificate to Fox Optical ($250 value) High style for your eyes! – – Starting bid $80
  2. Martin Guitar Ukulele ($399 value) Courtesy of Andy Bollinger. Hone your skills or start from scratch! – – Starting bid $100
  3. One Banana Factory Class of Your Choice (up to $360 value) Courtesy of ArtsQuest. Take up a new artistic hobby!
  4. Dina Hall House Concert ($400 value) Private concert with one of the area’s finest singer/songwriters! – – Starting bid $150
  5. Handmade Patchwork Wall Hanging by Brenda Brown ($500 value) Beautiful handmade artistry! – – Starting bid $200
  6. One-Week Stay in Vieques ($1,400 value) Courtesy of Judi Space. A week in Paradise! – – Starting bid $500
  7. Godfrey Daniels Booze Wagon! ($370 value) Donated by Godfrey’s Board of Directors and Anniversary Committee This item speaks for itself! – – Starting bid $130

Our most sincere thanks to each and every bidder, our generous Auction/Raffle item contributors, Moravian College, our volunteers, and everyone who donated their time, resources, and energy to help make this event possible.

Godfrey Daniels 5th Annual Membership Appreciation Concert and Party

sponsored in part by Moravian College Department of Music


Godfrey Daniels celebrates our anniversary each year in March with an annual concert event designed to honor not only our history in the Lehigh Valley music community, but also our supporting membership, and this year is no exception. To mark our 39th anniversary, we’re happy to present two of the very finest singer-songwriters touring today, Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert.

Ellis and Vance have a long and very close friendship: they recorded an album together; and they have individually graced our stage several times in the last 20 years. We have wanted to have them perform together for us ever since their album “Side Of The Road” was released in 2003, and now is the time. The date is Friday, March 20, and the venue is Foy Hall on the Moravian College campus. (How fitting is it that Moravian College is the alma mater of our own John Gorka?)

For almost four decades, Godfrey Daniels has been bringing the very best in live music to the Lehigh Valley, and that is thanks in large part to our supporting membership. Our anniversary celebration is the annual event where we give back to our membership, with a concert which is free to all of our members. You can become a member of Godfrey Daniels – please click on the link below, join today, and celebrate with us as we launch our 40th Anniversary Year on Mar. 20 at Foy Hall.

Along with the concert, the evening will include raffle items, silent auction, and complimentary sweet and savory snacks. Beverages will be available as well. Guest Master of Ceremonies will be our co-founder Dave Fry. Doors open at 6:30; show time is 8pm.

[View the List of Raffle and Auction Items]

Admission is based on Membership Level

Friend of Godfrey’s Membership: 1 ticket
Companion Membership: 2 tickets
Family Membership: 4 tickets
Sustainer Membership: 4 tickets
Patron Membership: 4 tickets
Lifetime Membership: 4 tickets

If you would like to attend but are not a Member, click here to Join Now! > http://www.godfreydaniels.org/Membership.aspx

About the Performing Artists

Ellis Paul

“Despite his success and sense of history, Ellis Paul remains an artist with his eye on the future and an interest in discovering the transformative potential in his music.” – The New York Times

“Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. It’s a rare artist who can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same realities or sharing similar experiences.

Ellis Paul is one of those gifted singer/songwriters. Though some may refer to him as a folksinger, he is more, for lack of a better word, a singular storyteller, a musician whose words reach out from inside and yet also express the feelings, thoughts and sensibilities that most people can relate to in one way or another, regardless of age or upbringing. The exhilaration of the open road. A celebration of heroes. The hope for redemption. Descriptions of those things that are both near and dear. The sharing of love – intimate, passionate and enduring.” – Lee Zimmerman

Vance Gilbert

Vance Gilbert burst onto the singer/songwriter scene in the early 90’s when the buzz spread through the folk clubs of the Northeast about an ex-multicultural arts teacher who was knocking them dead at open mics. Word got out about this Philadelphia-area born and raised performer, and Shawn Colvin invited Gilbert to be a special guest on her 1992 Fat City tour. Gilbert took audiences across North America by storm. “With the voice of an angel, the wit of a devil, and the guitar playing of a god, it was enough to earn him that rarity: an encore for an opener,” wrote the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in its review of a show from that tour. Gilbert’s three albums for the Rounder/Philo label – Edgewise (1994), Fugitives (1995), and Shaking Off Gravity (1998) – are all essential additions to the American singer-songwriter collection. Eight accomplished albums later, Vance continues to refine his unlikely union of humor, virtuosity, and the unexpected. Whether with classic, original songwriting or ageless interpretations of covers, his is a presentation steeped in deep humanism and bravery, stunning artistry and soul, and contagious, unbridled joy – unarguably the blue ribbons that tie and seal the seemingly impossible package that is… Vance Gilbert.

Godfrey’s Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting

Yesterday, our Godfrey Daniels board of directors held its annual retreat and planning session, at Lehigh University. We wish to thank Ramona LaBarre, Joe Scull, and a fine staff of volunteers, for keeping the music thriving. This is what we call #godfreydanielscommunity.

Here’s a quick look at the Year in Review
• New Speakers were installed, thanks to a grant
• Volunteer staff started using SignUp Genius
• Live From Godfrey Daniels on WDIY is thriving
• New (gently used) computers received thanks to donation
• Archives collaboration with Lehigh University
• Music Series are all gaining ground: Charter Arts, Dave’s Night Out, Homegrown, First Friday
• Partnerships continue with WDIY, Ice House Tonight, Southside Film Festival, Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, Musikfest, Mayfair, Muses in the Vineyard
• Grants, gifts and other donations are up

GD BOD 2014

(l-r): Fred Bonsall, Jeff Huff, Chuck Schubert, Mary Radadovits, Dina Hall, Dave Fry, Bernie Toseland, (bottom) Bill George. (not in photo: Andy Bollinger

Dina’s first visit to the Philadelphia Folk Festival

by Dina Hall



Dave Fry shares memories of performing and emceeing at the festival main stage. — at Philadelphia folk fest.

I had the great privilege of spending yesterday with my good friend Dave Fry, at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. It was my first time at the fest (I know, What?!) and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to make that memory. As we toured the grounds, Dave introduced me to some of the Philly Folk Fest ‘royalty’, gave me a sneak peek into the backstage operations, and shared his memories of his early days as a performer and emcee at the festival.

I also reconnected with some friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Dave and I talked about the local music community, and the greater folk community and how good artists cross that bridge and how they do it well. At the end of the day, we snacked on peach pie, and enjoyed a couple of the main stage acts. Our favorite act of the day was 10 Strings and a Goatskin, from the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. (side note: Steep Canyon Rangers blew my mind!)

If I can make a simple point here it is this: It is only when I’m in these situations that I remember what an honor it is to be at the helm of Godfrey Daniels. Godfrey’s is part of the history of folk music in the northeast United States. It is respected and revered by internationally touring artists, and national and regional ones as well. We have a treasure here on the southside of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and we must do our best to preserve that.


Ansel Barnum talking during a harmonica workshop.

Dave Fry gets to chat with young fans.










Thank you to Dave, for sharing all of this with me. And thank you to all of the Members, Volunteers and Artists who keep the music alive! We are a strong community, and a happy one at that.


We wore these in honor of Mike Space.

If you’ve never been to Godfrey Daniels, here’s a link to the website. (http://www.godfreydaniels.org) I hope you can visit soon.

– Dina







Cymbals are missing

Hi Folks,

A few months ago, we noticed that some of the pieces from our house drum kit have been missing. We’ve looked high and low, but haven’t been able to recover them.

As you know, we are a non-profit organization, operating on a very tight budget, so we’re appealing to you – our community – to help us replace these pieces.

Here’s what we need:
(2) 16″-20″ cymbals (one ride cymbal, one crash cymbal)
(1) cymbal floor stand
(2) ball clamps for mounting tom-toms

Maybe you’re a drummer and have spare equipment, or maybe you’re a generous member and would like to donate money to cover the cost of this equipment. Either way, please call 610-867-2390 if you’re interested.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support.


*** Follow-up: The cymbals were replaced by a small group of generous friends. We thank you very much.

Annual Board Retreat today

The Godfrey Daniels Board of Directors met today for their annual planning retreat. We brainstormed programming ideas for the upcoming year, explored fundraising and sponsorship programs, and considered ways to sustain our mission.

We continue our commitment to the community, and we appreciate your support in return – both physical and financial. Help us to spread this concept, by using social media to share your experiences at Godfrey’s. Please use the hashtag #‎godfreydanielscommunity‬.

Here’s to a great year ahead.

– Dina Hall, president, Godfrey Daniels